Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its Raining, Its Pouring......

The nice rainy weather that I could (and probably should) have slept super late with still finds me up trying to get things going before the 3 amigos start their daily routine of I am hungry, I don't want to watch this, he is touching me, she hurt my feelings, and the never ending cycle of Kaden's new thing.... Momma-Momma tap tap tap Momma (answer "What Kaden") "jibber-jabber-blah-glory-glory" (and two seconds later) Momma-Momma tap tap tap and continue the same conversation for 10 minutes until he sees the magnets are back on the fridge (where they belong) and he proceeds to pull them all off into the floor (for me to step on and holler because those things HURT) He sees my small fit from the magnets and remembers we were talking.... Momma-Momma tap tap tap And you wonder why I am nuts!!!!! :) just kidding- I love it really!

I can't remember what I all I posted last- we have went to church some more and yesterday we ALL went to get new tires. (no worries- we were right by the mall and JD met us there so we could all go for lunch) We actually had a good hour and a half of shopping (which Kaylee declared was the first time JD had ever went shopping with us) We finished lunch and a short trip to the cootie-infested-play-area and we were headed to find JD a belt when Kaylee spotted Justice (the lil' girls store for those of you unfamiliar) Well- just 2 days prior we had been chatting that we could go there for some school clothes- and of course she remembered! We all headed in (JD and Kyle were not so fond of the girliness of it all- Kyle kept saying "Mom, me and dad are outta here- this is girl stuff!!") Kaylee started modeling for JD and lets just say she has him so wrapped it is unbelievable- he for once didn't have much to say about "how much" - he just took the boys out when it was time to pay lol! We left the mall with Kaylee's bag of loot and no belt because they called to say the car was ready. We went to Marshall's because #1- I wanted to and #2- JD wanted to make sure the car was driving correctly with the new tires (win-win situation I would say) We shopped in there for a bit and after a small break down over what Kyle got to buy (since Kaylee had gotten ALOT more than he did) we left the store- and I picked Kaden up and he had wet all the way through is diaper- oh yeah- that was nice!! That was our final que to GO HOME!!

OK- that story was like a novel... sorry about that.... it really is that eventful when JD goes shopping! (especially with 3 kids- he was like "Is it like this every time you go somewhere"... well DUH! ... )

I have a video I am trying to post but blogger is being stupid.. so I will add some pics and get off of here!


Stephanie T said...

I've seriously got to get my Alfa day to work like JD's!! :)

Seriously - if Abby hears anyone else got school clothes at Justice I am SO hosed!!!!! We've not crossed over to "that" world just yet - but I KNOW it's coming!!

BTW- I know you're already thinking - are your kids wearing the navy/green KK outfits to the party Wednesday night in Destin? I don't think mine are, but just wanted to make sure the two divas didn't invade each other's fashion territory!!

The Brewer FireFighters said...

the husbands just don't get what us MOM's go thru do they!! lol I can't imagine going shopping with 3! its hard enough with Jasmyn.. could be that she has the BREWER temper and my stubborness which let me tell you does not mesh well at times! Dreading the justice store thats for sure...I already have a fight with my kid on what she wears. she always models stuff and says don't I look cute!

Drea said...

Steph- if you closer to town you could def get more of an "ALFA" lunch lol!! This is Kaylee's first year of "bigger" girl clothing- I still have some other that she has to wear too :)

As for the KK outfits- I am taking them but not for the party. They have the madras plaid KK that (if I find Kaylee some new white capris) they will probably be wearing. No clashing of the divas lol :)

Tara- the men are clueless as to what it is to be able to do it all as we do ;)-