Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One day late (as usual)...

Happy Birthday to Kyle!!!!!
He is 5 years old as of yesterday!! (he asked me "When I wake up- am I going to be 4 again?" lol Oh if it were only possible to go back ;)

We did the "For Real Birthday- Not Real Party Day" celebration. We went swimming (I know - big shocker!) got a pizza (Kyle's FAVE after-swimming-lunch) got ready and went to Granna's house for his family birthday party. As everyone walked in he would say "Thanks for coming to my birthday party" We had spaghetti, salad and cake (Kyle had mac & cheese because spaghetti isn't on his list of 4 things he eats!)

He got tons of gifts (looks like Christmas in my living room) and he had tons of fun.

It is unbelievable that my little 6 lb baby boy is going to Kindergarten in a couple of weeks as a FIVE year old! (insert tears here) He is so sweet. He is our caring one- if he has it- he wants you to have it too. He kisses all of us about 25 times a day. When JD comes in from work and gives Kyle his hugs and kisses- Kyle takes him by the hand and leads him to Kaylee and Kaden to make sure he loves on both of them just the same. He is the size of a goat with the heart of a lion. (oh- and he is still wild and thinks he is Spider Man whom can climb my walls/doorways)

So Happy Birthday To Kyle! Mom loves you SO very much!


Cassie said...

I can't believe they are all growin up so fast - I can still remember getting Kaylee to sleep at singings when she wasn't even a year old yet! :( So sad - mine will be 3 and 4 in a few weeks :(

Lacey MaRanda said...

Drea, only you would refer to your kid as a goat...you crack me up

The Pritchett Parade said...

Sounds like Lucas he will be 5 in December. He thinks he is a different superhero everyday! LOL They have sucha a imagination! I feel your pain it goes by way to FAST!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok you made me cry....real shocker huh? You know I'm partial to Kyle and Kaylee and Baby!!!!


Drea said...

JD cried too..... I didn't even know he read my blog!?!?