Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sorry for the delay....

We cannot seem to get it all together since we returned from our trip. There has been birthday parties, church, sickness..... and school starts next week! (and as I started this post- Kaden the spoiled rotten monster just started fussing again..... Granny held him for 3 hours straight yesterday and he thinks I am supposed to do that too) He isn't a monster.... he is just rotten to the core!

I will fill in details later and post some better pics- our camara kept blurring for whatever reason- but we had Granna as a backup and she got some great shots as well but I don't have them yet.

We had a blast, Kyle turned 4, we were exhausted, we were hot, and we will definitly do it again..... just maybe not in JULY!!!!

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