Monday, September 21, 2009

Polly without the rolly....

I was trying to think of a good headline for this segment of our life this with what I could come up with. This is the works of my crazy mind- you just have to take what you can get from me- I am loony and random- I will say it is a gift... but we all know it is my failing sanity :)-

Now.... we have Kaden.... and he is our Rolly Polly minus the rolly.... he isn't rolling... not gonna do it... no amount of toys or bribes or laying in the floor just out of his reach is going to make this child roll over. He is like "HELLO LADY- this ain't workin' with my big ole' head and belly here". He will just stick to being moved around by everyone in the house. I am in no hurry for his mobile switch to be turned on (I have done this before- once the switch is on- you can not turn it back off) He is a joy- JD says that everyone needs a baby just like him- he is all smiles and he is so loving. He will put his face in the bend of my neck and let me pet him for as long as I want. (used to he would just pull away because he thought if his head was down- that meant I was trying to get him to sleep and he wasn't having any part of that)

We had a big weekend (of course- we will never know a relaxing stay home weekend) We (NH... not me ;) sang at Claysville Friday nite- pretty good- it was over considerably early (someone must have gotten my Kaylee went to a sleepover at a friends house- Kensley was at the same sleep over- so Mr Kyle made his solo debut.... with his guitarist Konner of course!

Saturday was typical- get up and go! I cleaned the house- did a quick run to the story- got the kids ready- went next door for a birthday party- came home to crying baby (I am talking about Kaden- though JD was pretty fixed tacos for our friends to come over (Dustin, Melissa, Scott, Josie and the kids)went to bed very late and woke up Sunday to a very messy house.... worth it... I love having friends over! We always have singings, blah blah blah on the weekends so we have no time just to hang out with anyone. We had fun- the kids played inside, outside, everywhere- and the guys watched the fight (and a singing they had recorded) what a combination right! Us girls just sat at the table and talked for hours (and ate an entire plate of cookies that Melissa had made- the kids helped make sure they were all gone) It was great- no getting all fixed up- no rush to be somewhere at such and such time- I told JD I needed 3 days of Saturday- it was nice!

Sunday I had to clean a house - shame on me for working on Sunday I know- but I think you can tell- my Friday and Saturday were booked. After I returned from that we ate lunch and watched some tv before getting ready for church Sunday nite. (for those of you thinking that we are back-sliders- We only had church on Sunday nite due to a death- otherwise we would have been there) OK- back to the watching tv- my husband had never seen PRETTY WOMAN until Sunday!! One of the best chik fliks of all time- and he was looking at me like I was crazy because I was saying every other line. (and even worse- he has never seen Dirty Dancing either! can we say SHELTERED!) I told him I was going to sit down one day and get him caught up on all he has missed out on! He wasn't so fond of that idea- he doesn't like "girl" movies.

ok- finishing up- gotta save some room for more excitement (lol... If you read my blog for excitement- you need to up your blood pressure medication... )
Kyle almost got in trouble at school for talking- his teacher let me give him a heads up at home before she made him move a clip- which worked b/c he still hasn't had to yet. He is loud and talks too much- but hey- if that is the worst of it I think we will take it!
Kaylee is what she is- a big sweet lovable cry baby! Just last week she was helping a little boy out at school because he had to move his clip and he was devestated because he thought he was going to get a spanking and Kaylee was as tore up as he was (I asked her about it after one of her teachers told me about it ;) Mrs Amy is my inside source) She said-"he was FOR REAL gonna get a whipping- I don't like ANYBODY to get a whipping". She is the defender- unless you mess directly with her- then she is a little more willing for you to get in trouble... lol...

agghhh- this is too long... lots on my mind... I will go for short and sweet next time... unless yall like to read.... I am sure I could make a novel :)-....

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