Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here are the pics that I finally retrieved from the work camara.....

My kids LOVED the creek in Wears Valley..... they had never been to one....I had to explain what it was (which was odd to me- I grew up swimming in the creeks in Paint Rock Valley- I just couldn't believe that they were so clueless as to what it was) We grilled out sausages with peppers and onions, potatoes and cabbage- and then made smores.... it was the best meal we ate while on our trip.

We got a 2 hour trip in to Dollywood. The kids got to ride 3 rides before the storms started rolling in and they shut down all the rides. Being the age they are- they didn't really care- they were just proud to be there!

We stayed in Gatlinburg- which was a first for us. We are usually Pigeon Forge dwellers when we go. It was great- the condo was nice and the traffic wasn't as bad as we had anticipated. Oh- and best of all- we could walk to Pancake Pantry- our FAVE place to eat in the Smokies!

We were with a crowd that were a "few" years older than us- but they were so much fun! I told them I was going to have arthritis just from listening to their stories of needing glasses to read small print! We laughed so much. JD ventured off with the teen crowd and played some lazer tag.... and lost.... I am not sure that he will ever grow up :)

and I did get some retail therapy while I was there. 3 shirts for me and Gymboree outlet- enough said! I bought Kaylee a long denim skirt- she thinks she is "the stuff" when she puts it on.

We all wore our Bama attire to show our pride- but I never did get a group pic- you can't interrupt the game for a picture with our bunch- that is grounds for death. We did get Kaden with his daddy for his first game. I have a very similar pic of Kyle with JD on his first game- love them both :) Kaylee had a jersey and everything- but she opted for her bikini to go swim in the lazy river while the guys watched the game- Thats my girl!

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