Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You know your a mom when....

You sit down to check your email, etc- while feeding a baby- and trying to eat lunch- and that same sweet bundle of joy poops all the way out of his "protective barriers" into your lap. Appetite gone for everyone- it is get up and change everyone- without gagging- really without batting an eye:)

And when your 6 year old shuts her bedroom door (that you have removed the doorknob from because you are honestly going to paint it ASAP) and proceeds to SPAZ until you free her. She was trapped for 10 seconds and will never be the same.

And when your 4 year old decides to help himself to a snack of cheese puff balls- right after you have gotten him completely ready- and as you walk in his room to say "Lets go" you see two cheese covered hand printed smudges all down the front of his once-white-now-orange shirt. Without 5 seconds to spare- realizing you have no time to iron something else- or FIND something else since it took you 1 hour to pick "not too hot, not too cool" clothing- you improvise- stick a sweater vest over the severely damaged shirt and head out the door. (the sweater vest was then destroyed by a blessed peppermint given to him by Granna at the singing) Have I ever mentioned that laundry is my most hated, dreaded , despised household chore.. not cool in this household I tell you.... not cool at all.....

These events are life- daily life- you just go with whatever is dished out- keeps things from getting boring!
I just told my aunt last week that I honestly can't remember the last time I was bored- I am the definition of "Never a dull moment" Well, most of the time it is "Never a calm,normal, sane moment!"

Been painting, putting up new light fixtures, replacing/painting all hardware in this house... can we say "gluten for punishment". I really think I have a lapse of brain function when I start projects- I forget that I am a wife, mom, I do work occasionally- and I am in no way going to get my own show on HGTV. I just start slinging paint and furniture around like I have nothing else going on... it is a mental disease I am official name for it.... we will just call it "Dretardism"

Gotta go- mom duty calls again.... Kyle is up for the 5th time.... it is 11:48.... who let this kid take a nap at 4:00?!?!

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