Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't you love it ......

When you have a couple of days off..... we have started Spring Break with a bang! We had an extremely eventful Sunday evening- we headed out to visit our friends in Atlanta (at 3:00pm... yes... for a visit... um hum- that is some men planning right there) We dropped the older two off with Aunt Karen and we were on our way. Made good timing- got to their apartment- chit chatted for a few- decided we would go out to eat- finally decide on a restaraunt- call the other vehicle of people following us (their car had 4 children in it- we only had the baby... and JD.... )
One of their kids had choked on a quarter so an ER visit was needed to see just where this quarter was stuck- we go ahead and eat (sounds rude... the ones we were visiting had not eaten supper and they were 1 hour ahead of us and by this time it is about 8:30pm EST) Dr's found the quarter and PRAISE the LORD the little one was ok- we returned back- had a sweet little prayer and headed back to Alabama.... at 11:00 CST..... we were about 45 minutes from home and get a call "Kyle has woken up and is crying" So we turn around- head backward 20 minutes- pick up my very sick , crying hysterically with an earache baby- have a sweet little prayer AGAIN (Thank you Lord... AGAIN) and get home around 3:00am. Glory hallelujah! I know you all have to think this and I am just going to verify- things like this do tend happen to us ALL of the time- I am sure the Lord says "hmmmmm- Look at that bunch... I think they need a little more excitement in their lives...lets throw them a quarter"

I don't think it takes too much to guess - Monday we slept ALL DAY LONG! You want to talk about great.... it was g-r-e-a-t! I fixed a super good lunch (I am a woman with a plan- fix a big lunch- you already have supper fixed too :) We watched all the kids movies that we were behind on (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Madagascar 2, Hook (oldie but a goody) and did NOTHING else! I did get the boys closet organized and toys gone through- but that was on a whim at 9pm last night (the big box was getting on my nerves just sitting in the floor)

We got up this morning and headed to a birthday party and the kids had a ball- PumpItUp is a great place for little ones to burn off all of their "Its Spring Break and too cold to be outside" energy. We ate some lunch with friends , did a little shopping and we are back home- eating waffles and bologna sandwiches for supper- cuz that is how we roll :)-

and to back-track a little bit- Kensley's singing was AwEsOmE! The turn out and support was great- just as I expected- if you know them- you know they deserved every bit of it! Ms Kensley sang with the Wrights and that just made her night! (You all need a cd with that song on it- it has such a good meaning to it) and I have pictures (I am sure you just gasped in shock)

I will do another post later this week with pics from the kids at the studio, spring break, etc. I will trying to keep this novel... oh I mean post... not so eternally long :) Have fun- the sun is going to shine...... Friday :))

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