Sunday, March 28, 2010

Funny picture post.....

I am not having a good day.... I won't pretend that I am .... this ever changing weather has my head pounding.... my kids have found a new hobby of making Kaden cry 23 hours a day (he thinks he is big- they treat him like a baby- he doesn't appreciate it AT ALL).... JD is in bed with a migraine..... today is the "Lets all be quiet and just chill out" type of day that comes around now and again.... anyway.... I decided to look through my pics (forgive me if they are repeats but you all know me to well to think that I am going back over the past 11 months and checking.... yep... too lazy for all that!!) and find my super funny ones... the ones that remind me to remember that this is just a bad day- it won't last forever- I will survive......

OK Mom... do you have to take a close up?????

He REALLY was excited about going to school..... can't you tell???

Makes you want a smores right about now, huh?

The more pics we took- the farther down they slid :)

All this candy and NO TEETH?? Gimme a break!!!!

Kyle and Annaston.. something funny was going on?!?!

Kaden wasn't feelin' the love (not like Kyle was giving him anyway lol)

This is what happens when Kaylee finds the camara. I have about 300 of these shots!!

I think Katie is a little scared of Kyle (and all these kids have evil eyes for some reason???)

and last but not least.... Mr Bad Hair day!!! He is in severe need of going to see Little Ollie!!

I have been smiling and laughing while finding all these pics- definitly made my moody day a little better. Kaden fell asleep in my arms as I posted and Kaylee and Kyle are hysterically laughing while playing tag on the trampoline.... this day isn't so bad after all.... :)

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