Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday....

OK- I did this a while back (way while back- like when the kids went back to school) and I decided I would try it again (because I cleaned my ENTIRE house today... did ALL laundry (minus 3 pieces.. in my eyes... that is all of it) and I am bored :) So I am going to attempt another NOT ME MONDAY :) Join me (for those of you reading this before Tuesday :)

Here it goes...

Surely it was not me who stopped on the side of the road and purchased an antique looking dresser thingy for $10 with all hopes of using my mad HGTV skills and refinishing it and making everyone jealous of my talents.... only to go ahead in PUT the dresser in my bedroom.... covered with some ugly material I had stored away.... knowing that the likelihood of me doing anything to this dresser is right next to finishing my eternal paint job on my trim..... ummmmmmm..... ME?

and who was it that decided to watch a movie last night..... only to miss the ending as you always do ..... and wake up and realized you missed the ending.... went back to the part where you thought you fell asleep... started it over.... only to fall asleep AGAIN......ME?

and who in the world decides to give their baby a chocolate chip cookie to entertain himself with just so you can mop the kitchen.... and put him in a chair in your BEDROOM while you did the mopping..... I mean really- a cookie while sitting unattended for 10 whole minutes- that won't make a mess.... that would be stupid..... and we all know that I am certainly not stupid..... come on..... ME?

OK- we all know that honestly (and shockingly) This was me.... and I can be a little "off" at times.... have mercy.... and blame the children :)-

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Anonymous said...

ok, anyone that has 3 kids, cleaned their ENTIRE house, and did all their laundry... then still has enough energy to be bored is totally on my hit list!... haha

*love ya :)