Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in the swing of things.....

We are getting there! The kids went back to school yesterday and we actually got to attend church last night! Kaden didn't make it all the way - we left at alter call because his emotions are getting the best of him (and me) these days. I think it is a mixture of getting better/ terrible twos. But we were there.... I have witnesses :)

I didn't have to work today so I am getting a day of just me and baby at home and I have high hopes of tackling and conquering this laundry that has gotten washed and folded but not put away these last 2 weeks.
New Harmony has a singing Friday night and it is regular meeting time coming up and I have a full schedule going for next week- so I am taking the next 2 days in stride. I would like to run to town and get all of the extra Christmas things returned/exchanged - but after getting out to take the kids to school this morning- I decided it is cold and that can wait! I love some shopping- but I prefer it to be atleast 60 degrees with some sunshine if I am going to be dragging a baby and stroller around!

Maybe we have finally gotten through all the sickness for the winter... maybe, hopefully, please Lord!! I am so ready for springtime- except that we have all these winter church clothes that haven't had enough wear. I think I will start putting them on them to go to Publix just so SOMEBODY gets to see them lol!

OK- my random coffee break is over.... time to get something done.....

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