Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 2011.....

OK- I was a skeptic.... if they start screaming blizzard and you can't get in the grocery stores around here you usually are set up for nothing... not even a dusting.... so last night when 8pm hit and I saw nothing I thought "Here we go again- everybody spazzed for nothing" but I was proven wrong when the monster-2-inch-snowflakes started pouring down! We watched our brick wall slowly disappear beneath a blanket of heavy snow by 1am... and yes we were ALL still up! JD says the Lord was just making sure we didn't miss out since Kaylee and I were the only 2 who got to play in the Christmas snow we had.

We got up (super late) and had chocolate gravy, eggs and biscuits for brunch. We then started the process of bundling up everybody in our snow gear and headed out for some fun! Kaden has never played in snow before and he LOVED it! As you will see in the pics- he kept laying down and crawling in it! Kyle isn't a fan of being cold- but he had a blast helping Dad build our big AL fan snowman! Kaylee went to get the neighbors grandson to come play and they mostly enjoyed bombing ME with snowballs.... until they figured out I was a better aim then they were :)

Now we are all in, warm and cozy! We just ate lunch (at 4:30 pm- supper will be at 8 I guess lol) and I am working on my extra layer of fat for the winter by consuming some just-out-of-the-oven-fudge-brownies. I considered making snow cream.... but I don't know if I am THAT talented!

So Happy Snow Day to you all! We will be doing all of this again tomorrow since school is out (YAY!)


Shelby Baker said...

I'm SO glad y'all used a tape measure too. I went out last night and felt so redneck. It made me happy to see that you guys joined in my redneck-ness :)

Drea said...

Our snowman has a Milo's Sweet Tea lid as a nose..... we got you beat on redneck!!! lol