Monday, January 17, 2011


I thought I would get really creative with my blog title- this is all I had!

We had a long weekend- starting Thursday and ending last night. We attended a funeral and a visitation Thursday (with some shopping and eating in between) We got up Friday and though the kids had school 1/2 a day (I never really figured that one out??) they didn't go. I had to work- they visited Granny. Friday night- a wedding and out to eat with Dust and Mo whom we have seen very little of since early December. (we have seen very little of anyone since then because we were plagued with sickness) Then up again Saturday morning to get ready and go to TWO more visitations. My kids are very acquainted with almost every funeral home out there- but at this point they were like " Are you kidding me?". But- it just goes to show how close our church family is and how many friends we have. You love someone too much to count it as a burden to go pay last respects.... even with 3 little kids in tow.

Granna kept the kids while we went to one visitation. I told someone it is pretty bad that JD and I have to go to the funeral home and count is as a date :) We ate Subway in the car on the way there- very romantic (he ordered for us both and we had to bring drinks from home so we both ate for under $8..... and he was sure to tell me as he was paying.... he is a real Casinova!) We then met up with Chad and I rode in the back seat and had convo with Chad while JD slept the entire way there..... this is what dates become after 9 years of marriage I suppose.

We had church last night FINALLY! We have dismissed more in the past 2-3 months than we have in probably 2 years. It was good to see everyone.... and truthfully it was good to be out and about and doing something that was in our normal routine. The holidays and the snow have had me all crazy-out-of-whack with my routine and I don't like it! I have slept later and laid around more than I have since before I had kids and it is not for me. I like to stay on top of things because with our life if I let it go it has a snowball affect and I have a hard time climbing back up the hill!

And here we are- Monday- another no school day- kids are all still in bed (and we have an extra one we brought home last night) Daddy, Dee and Juliah are coming for a visit today so I have to go finish my run-through on my house. (Kaylee and I started it yesterday- she wanted to help and I showed her how to clean the bathrooms... really clean them..... little does she know that is info she will wish she never learned :) After living with JD for a few years I vowed that my kids would know how to do EVERYTHING by themselves before leaving my house. I question how in the world Chad and JD came from the same house and Chad can do it all and JD doesn't know what Tilex even is!!!!

Happy dreary,rainy (thank you Lord) not snowy Monday!


SarahDabbs said...

That is hilarious that y'all had a romantic dinner in the car and even brought drinks from home. LOL

Heather G said...

Happy Monday Drea!!Thank you for my fix!! :)

Anonymous said...

That's almost as good as Melissa and I spending our anniversary at Western Sizzlin'!!! :) How romantic!!!

Amber said...

Hey, Lee and I count it as a date when we get to leave the kiddos with someone long enough to run to Home Depot....we will occassionally *like every few years* run through a drive through and go park at the county park to eat...then we feed french fries to the squirrels! LOL

Real romantics, I guess, HAHA

Anonymous said...

i have to tell you...last week brent woke up during the night vomiting and as i was cleaning him and the bathroom floor up...paul is standing in the living room with his arm covering his face/nose and finally asked if he could help...all i asked him to do was get me the lysol and he replys........"where do we keep it?" REALLY??? we have been married for 17 years and have 3 children....REALLY?? they never really learn! :)