Sunday, March 27, 2011

Different perspective.....

You know you can come across one little line that can change the way you think about things- well I did that this morning while doing my "be real quiet and enjoy my coffee before the sleepyheads wake up" moment. A friend of mine had written a line- one line- saying that she had to leave work to go home to take care of her sick 4 year old all night and she was sitting by her side to make sure she was better- And that was one of her favorite things about being a mom. I have spent countless times over the past few months thinking "Not again, please don't be sick AGAIN" Being annoyed at germ spreaders- having cabin fever like no other- thinking I may likely kill over if one more person coughed in my face or wiped their nose across my clean shirt. I do LOVE being my kids caretaker and I LOVE even more that they want me to be there- this just said "Hey Drea- quit whining- you GET to do this- it is a privilege that I gave you (and must have thought you were doing OK because I trusted you 3 times) Am I saying I want the flu, stomach virus and RSV over again so that I won't complain this time? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am just making note of this so that I approach it with a different attitude next time. And maybe next time will be 10 years from now :)

And now for updating- as you have seen in the other posts- we did complete the hardwood floors (with a slight set back from the top of the hot water heater being knocked time for all that) We still have many many repairs to be done- but that was hopefully the biggest and hardest because JD and I almost didn't physically survive that one. Poor Tim- we owe him BIG TIME!

We are all sitting on ready waiting for baby Karsyn to get here! She should be here some time between now and next Wed/Thursday. Kaylee is ecstatic that there is another girl joining the family (Cantrell/ Jones family- Lord knows my family is blessed with girls!) Please pray for Momma and baby (and Daddy because his nerves just might get the best of him on this one!)

My three amigos are doing great. Kaden will be turning 2 in just a couple of weeks(tear*) and I can tell it- he was throwing himself down on the floor last night because he couldn't get Kyle's shoes to stay on his feet :) Kyle got the Good Citizenship Award at school because he is a sweety pie! (and he has went 2 weeks without a major injury knock on wood) Kaylee is still on All A's Honor Roll and has decided that Will (in her class) is no longer gross.... and she turned down Sam's offer to marry him- or date him.... I can't keep up!

Kaden decided that Allie and Brody weren't going riding without him so he squeezed himself in!

Look at this- I found out that if my kids look all dirty and mis-matched that they will smile and act good for a picture......

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Amy Baker said...

glad to see when i bring allie pants to wear and it's 80 degrees outside, somebody has enough sense to put the poor kid some shorts on! haha ;p