Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finish line....

Here it goes.... the final 5 photos...

Day twenty-six: a picture of something that means a lot to you.
OK- I have posted this pic once because of the floors- but those 3 pics in the background- those are my kids 1 year portraits and should my house ever burn down- those will be on the top of my things to grab list (but not before the real kids themselves... or JD... but next)

Day twenty-seven: a picture of yourself and a family member.
Juliah Dee and I - she is like my little sister. I love her to pieces :)

Day twenty-eight: a picture of something you're afraid of.
Life's uncertainty..... you can't picture it and that is the scary part....

Day twenty-nine: a picture that can always make you smile.
This is one of thousands (literally) of my kids and their personalities....I LOVE IT!!!

Day thirty: a picture of someone you miss.
Brother David- we all miss him terribly.

Glory, Glory I am finished!!!

Pray for Chad and Emily- they are waiting at hospital to be admitted. Ms. Karsyn will be here (hopefully) some time tomorrow.
(and I confess that I did this tonight so I could have a Karsyn only post tomorrow :)

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Kendra-Logan said...

So...I was looking at the first picture (something that means a lot to you) and having the attention span I do..I didn't really finish reading so I thought...oh she is REALLY excited about those new floors...then I decided to finish reading! LOL! I was like I'm glad that she appreciates stuff like that so much!! lol wow...I feel really dumb..haha!