Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here it goes Brandy....

I have total insomnia from too much coffee, sweet tea and conversations about worries before bed have my mind still running...... so I decided to accept Brandy's tag and do this 30 day picture thing (but it is likely to take me way longer than 30 days) Here it goes

1* My real name is Andrea and very few people actually call me that
2* I have been married to Joe David for 9 years, 3 months and 22 days
3* I have the 3 best kids God ever made
4* I love to vacuum
5* I have 2 sisters and a step-sister that I love just like she is a real one.
6* I have worked in chicken houses, planting/growing/selling mums, delivering newspapers, being a secretary, being an escrow clerk and cleaning houses- yet the best paying job I have ever had is being a Mom!
7* I once turned a cartwheel in my MawMaw's kitchen and had to get stitches from hanging
my pinky toe on the handle of her stove. (and I wonder where Kyle gets it from)
8* I love to laugh.
9* If you come to my house- I usually find something for you to take home with you.
10* I love to blog (duh- I am pretty sure y'all knew this one)
11* We flipped a nickel to decide what to name Kaden. He was almost Kaleb :)
12* Fixing my hair is one of the worst things I have to do (almost) everyday
13* My middle name is Dawn- after my Mom's twin sister (could have been worse- my mom's middle name is FAWN)
14* I have an addiction to Febreeze Noticeables plug-in air fresheners
15* I have been a Child of God for almost 16 years :)

OK- I am still not sleepy- but I have 2 houses to clean in the morning and I don't think 5 hours of sleep is going to keep me running!!


Brandy said...

Thank goodness your mom went with Dawn and not!!

Lacey MaRanda said...

I'm with Brandy...Fawn...yuk...that is almost as bad as am quite impressed that you know down to the days that you have been married to JD...maybe I'll know all that garbage when I marry my 2nd

Lindsey said...

Whew Drea thought I new most everything about you but the pinky toe thing just threw me!! OUCH!!!!!

kelsisk said...

You love to vaccuum? Wow, I would luv it if you would LUV to come vaccuum my house! Tehee! :)....crazy girl!