Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School Days....

It is that time of year again! Kaylee made her first grand entrance as a 2nd grader yesterday! She was so excited (more-so about her new Justin Bieber tee than actually going to school!) She has a GREAT teacher this year and she has some of her best little friends in her class AND after the first seven weeks of school- her lifetime BFF Stacie will be her student-teacher. I have no worries about this year for Kaylee. Her school is AWESOME and I love sending both her and Kyle there because I have grown to love and trust the educators and staff there.

Kyle starts Kindergarten tomorrow- PLEASE pray that he does ok- he isn't thrilled about going and I fear the tears will start and all you Mom's out there know that walking off from a terrified, crying 5 year old is horrible. His teacher is the best (Kaylee had her in Kindergarten also) and I know he will be left in comforting hands-but I would feel much better if I left him with smiles. So pray- please- and thank you in advance :)

And just to throw the smallest Cantrell in on the school post- he is doing well too! He is repeating all kinds of words/names these days. He is especially good at singing "Baby, Baby, Baby OOOOOOOH" atleast 20 times a day. (you think I am kidding- call me- the child does it constantly) He also sings "By-Oh-Baby" because Granny sings it to him all the time. He is a HAM (both in size and personality)

Gotta go couponing and get my doings done- I will have more back to school picks tomorrow :)


Amber said...

She's so cute in all that zebra print! LOL...Gabriel had to have Bakugon (or whatever, LOL)

Lacey MaRanda said...

I will be praying for Kyle to have a cry-free day...I can't help from crying just thinking about Peyton at school today...they are really growing up tooooo fast