Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where is my award????

I have gotten up- fixed lunches, got 3 people ready for work/school PLUS actually got ready myself (I usually do the throw on clothes-skim over hair- drop kids off-return home before anyone sees me:) Floors are clean (GASP- give Kaden 10 minutes and they won't be) house is clean (gasp again... ) And NO ONE has came to the door with my award- guess I will just have to make my own :)-
Dee Dee and Juliah are supposed to come for a visit today (OK- busted- the REAL reason I got up and ready lol) This not so gorgeous day makes for a good cause for eating alot and catching up on conversation- that is ADULT conversation- not Kaden and I playing Repeat-after-Me all day (Kaden Say "Kaylee" "Kyle" etc etc)
I am trying to eat low-carb this week (NOTE- it is only Tuesday) and I dreamed last night that I was eating two 8 inch cinnamon cookies. This is going to be FUN! I am one of those that can't diet for thinking of what I CAN'T have and feeling like I am starving to death.

OK- end Drea's Most Random Paragraph Ever.... it is early and rainy- have mercy please :)

And here are the rest of the First Days of School pics (in random order because I got confused and random is obviously my theme of today)

"Praise God" as Kaden says.....I hope you all have a great-rainy-muggy-make-your-hair-nasty Tuesday.....


Amber said...

LOL, I know the feeling! Except my whole house was emtpy and I kept looking around for my kiddos! And hey, I'm jealous of the clean floors!

Lindsey said...

That was very random I think you are having carb withdrawals what are you gonna be like by thur.!!!!LOL

The Wright's said...

Hey girl!! This is the only way I knew to get ahold of you. We have started a coupon blog! I heard you liked to coupon also. We have basket give aways up to like 60 dollars. How it is getting started is you can go to our blog... post a comment under blogspot kick off challenge one. That will explain how to get started in the running for the baskets. Angel has gotten it all together. Oh yeah if you do don't forget to post my name is why you are there!!!