Monday, August 10, 2009

Back in the groove....

We did it! We survived Kaylee's first day of First grade and Kyle's first day of school (pre-k). If I had any clue how to updload/download my videos on here- I would SO share! I was interviewing Kyle this morning on camara about his first day (who is his teacher, friends, what was on his back pack) and he perked up and said I have my picnic basket and my "Adabama" pack pack. ( picnic basket AKA lunch box) It was so funny- he has called it that all day! He had a great time. He was phased in today with 5 other children- 3 of which we are friends with. They all seem like babies going to school.

Kaylee also had a great day. She wasn't so thrilled about the getting up and getting ready (OF COURSE she didn't like what I had picked out for her to wear- nothing out of the ordinary!) She likes her teacher and she has been to school at New Market long enough that she is familiar with everyone in her grade- which is good- because none of her little girlfriends from the past 2 years are with her this year. She can hold her own though- she is her father's child- she doesn't meet a stranger- as long as they are a kid she will befriend them :)

As for me and Mr Kaden- we had us a good 3 hours of house work (well- Mom did- Kaden snoozed away because getting up and going at 7:30 wasn't on his things to do list) I, however, thoroughly enjoyed cleaning without interuptions. No spills, no running on just cleaned floors, no going potty in my just cleaned bathroom. Just cleaned... and stayed that way.... for 3 hours... it was quite nice :) But on the other hand- I did miss my kids. This is Kyle's first time not being with me and going from being home all day to being gone until after 3 made me feel like Kaylee was gone for the longest. But back to the free morning- I do (guilty) say that I had a good time- just me and the vacuum LOL.

Kyle went last week to the docter for the afformentioned dreaded horrible awful vaccinations. He didn't have the total meltdown that I invisioned- but it was no walk in the park either. He had 5 yes FIVE shots- that should be illegal for one small body to get all of that in one appt. Both arms and both legs- but he had no clue what to anticipate and I tried explaining without freaking him out- neither of which I think mattered when it was all said and done. He now says he got "splinters". He was treated to some shopping at Toys R Us afterward- well deserved.

On the day of this terrible appt- there was a shiny side- my little Kaylee turned 6 years old. I still can't get that to set in. ( I am pretty sure I put only 5 candles on her birthday cupcake as well... my brain just isn't all there sometimes) I don't feel old enough to have a first grader- and I don't feel like it has been 6 years since the day the doctor told us she was a girl (we didn't find out what she was by ultrasound- we waited it out and were so thrilled when she was born- that was truly the best surprise ever!) She came into our world and it was forever changed. Her dad is truly whipped! She was a tiny (5lbs 9oz 18 inches) perfect little girl. I know- gushing over your children is what all good momma's do- but the day you become a mom is so unbelievably great- words can't get it all.
We are super proud of the boys too.... God has blessed us in ways we can never repay Him- I thank Him every chance I get for what He has given us.

Ok... now that I have about made myself cry.... back to birthday girl. She had 4 friends from church come to spend the night and we decorated cupcakes and all that jazz. We went swimming the next day and had a great time. On her actual birthDAY we went to the mall (he favorite place) and did some shopping- then did more shopping at Toys R Us. She (and Kyle) each got a Nintendo DS. (we had not gotten Kyle's birthday present b/c we were in Disney) Oh the joy of having children with birthdays that are 10 days apart.... 2 presents, parties, etc...... $$$$$

We are planning a small short trip to the Smokies for Labor Day weekend. We haven't been in almost 2 years- which is a record for us! We are going with JD's aunt and her family and a few friends. I hear the outlets calling me now LOL

Kaden goes back for a checkup on the 19th- so I will have more to report then. He is cutting his two bottem teeth- laughing out loud- he has found his hands but hasn't quite mastered what to do with them besides stick them in his mouth. He is so heavy we have to play swap-out on who holds him. And he is going bald....... which is just like Kaylee.... I have concluded that his head is outgrowing his hair :)

Off to get Kaden whom is getting pretty mad..... the TV isn't entertaining him any longer......

Take care......

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