Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday madness....

Another weekend passed by in what felt like 12 hours. We went to the party (we being Kaden and I- Kyle was with Granna, Kaylee was with Stacie and JD was home alone not feeling well) My dad, Aunt Dee, Juliah and Tanner rode with me- so I wasn't "alone". Tim was surprised which was a shocker- we just knew he would figure it out. He was clueless to what was going on when he pulled up and saw everyone standing around a hearse singing Precious Memories (supposed to be singing- we made it through the first line before the laughter took over)

It was so funny!

Saturday we did our usual- went to Uncle Jimmy's for a swim. My kids love it over there and I love taking them. You just can't take an outdoor Saturday in August in Alabama unless there is some type of water involved! We passed up on our yard work (oh yeah... that was a hard decision!) for a day of lounging around.

Yesterday was housework for me ( I know... SHAME... on Sunday) but I woke up too late to get 3 kids (plus TWO adults) ready for church- so JD went on by himself and I got the kids ironing for the week done. (Yes- it was as fun as it sounds!) I moved Kaylee's bed around in her room- trying to figure out where everything is to go before I paint. (She got some AWESOME glitter words/artsy/whatever wall hangings for her birthday and I am now motivated to FINALLY rid her walls of the HORRIBLE pink I picked when we moved in 3 years ago... I am slow at these things OK)

We went to church last night- had Zaxby's in the car on our way home. And now it is Monday.... those 3 short paragraphs truly show how fast it all past by. Time is passing so quickly it really worries me- we have no time to sit and soak it all in. The past 4 months have passed in a whirlwind... yes 4 months... as in Kaden will be 4 months old tomorrow! I am in shock- we just got home from the hospital and WHAM he has teeth.... it is truly unbelievable!

Kaylee came in from school Friday and made an announcement.... She is "in love with Davis" she has been since Kindergarten. She acted like she was having confessional with me- and when I got tickled at her seriousness- she said "I really AM!" Oh My! Professing love at 6.... Lord help me when 16 gets here!!!

Kyle wasn't as pumped about going to Pre K today. I don't know where this came from because he was fine all last week. I think the "leaving Mom" thing is setting in. He loves his mom....I don't have to worry about him falling "in love" with anyone else for a while!

and the pic doesn't show Kaden's tooth... but it was too cute not to post!

and a new thing
Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
And for my NOT ME Monday moments.....
Not me....surely I didn't take my kids to school in a pink t-shirt and blue skirt ( not JEAN... just blue) with my hair in a oh my goodness ugly bun..... Surely I did not pry my screaming son from the seat behind me this morning and surely I didn't push him out the door saying "you will be ok" thinking there was NO WAY I could get out of the car in car rider line (that was backed up due to my son's melt down) looking like Helga the Hag..... surely that was NOT ME!
NOT ME..... it had to be someone else that last week gave in to her children and fixed mac and cheese for BREAKFAST because they wouldn't pick anything else and time was of the essence....
and who could it have been that drank a not so tasty chocolate health thing for breakfast and ate a banana for a snack and was conquering her "so fat I can' t take it anymore Monday diet" to give in to a bowl of sphaghetti... with lots of cheese.... and mtn dew to drink........

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