Monday, April 26, 2010

No partying in the rain......

We haven't had too much going since my last post. Kaden's birthday party was cancelled due to the LOVELY weather that came in on Saturday. I don't think he was too heart broken. We did get his one year pics made on Friday and I think they are going to be great. I had a lady to look at Kaylee and Kyle's 1 year pics and try to get some shots that were similar and I think she got everything I was hoping for. He had a little cake in the last shots and I told her not to worry- he won't make a mess- he doesn't really like it..... you know what that meant..... oh yes..... he was covered in icing- eyebrows and all!!!! He (and the 1000 gnats flying around) enjoyed it!

My kids are as comical as ever! Kyle brought me a box of Jell-O one night last week and told me he "WUVED Jewwo" and he "meeded" some - but I explained that I would have to make it and put it in the fridge so he could have some the next day. Later that night after they were in bed- I opened the fridge and there sat a box of Jell-O on the top shelf..... Kyle was going to "make" it himself I guess :)
Kaylee had her hair all fixed at church this morning and Bro Jack told her he liked it. We came home and played, ate lunch, etc. and when it was time to get ready for church, she thought that I was going to put her hair up and she said "Ummmm, you need to leave my hair like this because Bro Jack said he liked it this way and that is how I need to wear it again." I was sure to tell Bro Jack that I have enough hair drama out of that child without him encouraging it!

Well.... tomorrow is MONDAY ..... we are starting it off with a double dentist appointment.... prayers are appreciated! (not so much for the appts. but for the one who will be sitting in the office with all 3 kids... lol) Happy last week of April to you all! Revivals will be here in a blink..... oh me.... that is another one for the worry list.........

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