Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Caffiene, you have been such a good friend....

aaaahhhhh!!! My morning coffee is like some of those skinny,fit,exercising girls morning run.... it gets me going minus all the sweating and huffing and puffing (let me tell you- if this chick starts running- a 911 call will be needed!!!) Maybe I don't need to be so dependant- but on days like today I assure I need to extra push! I have tons going this week and this is my only full day at home so I have to make the most of it.

Yesterday was one of those days that I feel like I drove around the world and back all day (I am sure I came close!) and came home to crash! Kaylee and Kyle had to go to the dentist yesterday morning so we didn't attempt school- and we slept too late- and Kaden decided he needed to poop everywhere because getting 3 kids and 1 momma (and 1 daddy!) ready to be out the door by 9:30 wasn't hard enough without throwing in an extra bath and cleaning the bathroom floor (it was bad.... sooooo bad...) We were a little late but they seemed to almost expect it :) I would love to be that person who said "We had no cavaties, everything was great" Oh No... not my children..... I am more like "We will put a second mortgage on our house to pay for all this work so my kids have pretty smiles!!" Whew..... crowns, fillings, sealants, baby teeth, molars...... we were just short of braces by the time we left! The office lady said "We can work with you on payment" I felt like I was going to have to hand Kaden over to her as a down payment! (totally kidding!! ) My kids inherited my teeth- my teeth are straight as they can be but they are cavity prone!!

We left there and ate lunch with JD. Gibson's Bar-B-Que has free pie on Monday and Tuesday this month and we were all over that!!! We ate (all 5 of us) for $20- which was just as awesome as the free pie!!

We headed to the mountain to visit with my mom and the rest of the family. We decided we would have supper together since they didn't get to have a birthday party with Kaden. We had egg rolls and doughnuts in his honor..... and as usual I ate WAY too much. The kids had fun playing together. Kyle was shooting everyone with a bow and arrow and Kaylee decided to play beauty shop on Cloe and herself... they were all painted up let me tell you!!! Kaden just did his usual- ran around chattering, thinking he was just as big as they all were!! All of my nieces and nephews were there- it is still hard to believe that we are the parents to all of those kids!!

I am in spring clean mode today ( I started this post with my coffee... I have now had lunch and completed an over-haul on Kaylee's room ) I am hoping to have things spic and span this evening so I can just chill after supper.... but at the rate I am going... that is some MAJOR wishful thinking!

Off for now- these floors won't vaccuum themselves...... oh why can't I have just one magical power........

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Selena said...

Molly will kill me for tell this. But when she was little she would poop in her riding toys. I think we all have that one kid. She actually it's that kid. Baylee is; she will drive you absolutely bananas. Hope you got a lot of work done today, so you can start on mine tomorrow. LoL