Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls Night Out.....

We went out for Kim's birthday (again lol) and enjoyed a fantastic meal with just us mom's! We all have a GREAT love for our kiddos but to get one meal a month to relax-chat-laugh-EAT without having to stop for potty breaks,melt downs or spills .... lets just say it is NICE!!
I took my 3 angels to Granna's house- already bathed, homework already completed, already napped and ready to play. They loved their evening too! We all got a "night out" I guess :) JD had some fun too- he was at the studio doing some finishing touches on their new cd project. He considered it "work" but I know he loves all of that stuff!

Not too much going on these past couple of days. To give you a summary of our over-the-top-exciting-life.... I have de-pollenated my house (interior) for the most part..... I painted all of the wood-work/trim in my kitchen.... I have reserved party entertainment for Saturday (and now it is supposed to rain so that gets a big whatever!!!).....made a guest list for food purposes..... rescheduled Kaden's 1 year photo shoot because it decided to be cold this week (in the mornings).....
Are you jealous yet????? Told you- doesn't get more exciting than this!!!!!

I am putting more pics on here from Marquetta's camara b/c I had to borrow it for Kaden's birthday and I downloaded pics she had taken of the kids blowing bubbles from their Easter baskets. They are too cute!!!

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Practice Makes Philpotts said...

I'm right there "de-pollenating" with ya sista!!! Oh, and I soooo need to be added to that girls night out list! This momma could use a break! :)