Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glory, Glory

Kaden is our little preacher! He plays church more than my other two ever have. I can be talking to someone about the Lord and he will start raising his hands and saying "yah-yah, yah-yah" (which I am sure is Glory,Glory"..... He sits with Norma most church services and he prays more than the rest of us sometimes. I like to hope that he has Bro David's love of church. I see some of Bro David in all 3 of my kids- and it is in ways that are odd and no one else would probably notice.... but I love it! Kaylee can talk you into to anything- sometimes before you even know what you have been talked into! When she was younger she would see Kyle playing with something that she wanted and she would say " Thank you Kyle! Did you get that for me???" and he would hand it over every time!! And Kyle definitly has his charm!! He can flash those dimples and get his way too. He also sits in the car with his leg thrown over the side of the car seat- JUST LIKE Bro David used to sit. He has done this since he was a little baby!!

Today is one year since Bro David passed away..... and I know I have already had a big post about it..... but I just read Shannon's blog tribute to Bro David and decided I would make this a happy day..... Shannon said this has been one year since Bro David has had a worry or a care or a pain or a sickness..... and that is so true. We have great hopes of seeing him again- and him being all well and hopping around on one leg like we have seen him do so many times.

So we are happy today- thankful for things being as well as they are (and more thankful for this cooler weather this morning since I have NO AIR CONDITIONING in my house) Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law.... What can go wrong WILL go wrong...... well lets just say Murphy must be living out in my shed :)-


Lacey MaRanda said...

I read Shannon's blog and I am so proud that we all have eternal peace, and so jealous that Bro. David is already resting....and speaking of Kaden playing church, Jillian has starting praying for people in church and she is shouting and laying hands on people....I love it when they play church....hope y'all have a day that you can feel that comforting hand in everything you do today.

Melissa Kelly said...

We all miss Bro. David so much, I hope you all have a very blessed and comforting day! We love y'all!