Sunday, April 11, 2010

Someone didn't get the memo.....

that we didn't have church this morning and sleep was very needed!!! Kaden has been awake since 7:40- he obviously didn't help in the yard-over-haul yesterday. My wrists are so sore that typing is a bit more difficult! BUT- all we need is some mulch and we are FINISHED! (that is until I plant my summer flowers... but that isn't near as tasking as what all I took on yesterday! As for pics- HA!- no time to grab a camara when you have Ringling Brothers-yard-work going on! The kids were really good under the given circumstance- the baby couldn't have been any better... but we still had alot of stop and go going on. And to beat all- I thought I would for sure be rocking me a tan- guess you don't get much sun when you are hunched over standing in the same direction all day in what is mostly shade! Oh well- I have gotten used to my winter glow- maybe I will bring back the pale-faced-almost-see-through-white look! You all will be jealous :)

We went to Scott and Josie's last night to cook-out and just hang out. I love nights like that. A little out of the ordinary from our normal weekend routine- singing-chores-church-church- church- wake up on Monday. Not that there is anything wrong with the norm- I just like getting some social time in there every now and again. (Social time that doesn't require getting everyone completely ready- the kind where you tell your scraggly-looking kids to get there shoes on and get in the car- that is nice!!!!)
We had a good time! We had all of our dramatic little girls to tattle on Kyle most of the night- but we are used to that- he defines the term "Little Brother" to a tee. Being a pest is what he does best!

Well Kyle just told me to fix him a peanut-bunner samwich cuz I was making his tummy starvin' so I better get right on that :) Happy Sunday! (and if you are still asleep...... :(- to you! )

and some random pics because it isn't a good post without em'!

Kaylee and Kaden enjoying a snack!

Kyle and his "bff" Jesse! (this is my fave shirt :)


Shelby Baker said...

Love the shirt!

Anonymous said...

Like father like son! :)