Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yay For Saturday!

OK.... seriously..... as soon as I typed that line Kyle went into spaz mode because he thought he was locked in the bathroom! lol...
I have so much planned for today! I have 14 shrubs and 2 crepe myrtles to plant- 6 azaleas to dig up and move to another location- 5 or more iris'... or lilies.... to dig up because I planted them 2 years ago and have seen 1 bloom and they are getting on my nerves. Anyone have a spare Saturday they need to lend to a friend????? Oh- and lets not forget that I will somehow be managing to do this with all 3 kids at home with me. JD is already up and gone on a fishing expo...... and I don't have patience enough to wait until he gets back! So- I am blogging with my coffee and when I am finished- I am going to put on my gear and try to get all of this done... there may be pictures so stay tuned!!! :)

Doesn't this look like a good crew for yard work!

We had a singing at Winchester last night. It was a good one! All of the groups did so well. The Wright Family was there and they are one of my fave groups. I have known them since I was born and they are some of the best people you will ever meet!
New Harmony was there too and they are awesome! (ok- I just put that in here for Dustin :) lol)

My aunt Dee has been suffering with a skin problem for over a year now and she was at the singing and the Lord looked at her. I was so thankful- she has been in a bad shape lately. She is like the woman in the bible who sought many physicians with no results! They haven't really given her a diagnosis or a treatment that works- but the Great Physician touched her and she is doing better. (she woke up Easter Sunday with her face swelled out so bad she couldn't open one of her eyes... it was awful!) She still isn't well- so I would appreciate you all remembering her in your prayers. This woman has been a rock to me- I don't think I would be where I am today without her!

Well - baby is crying- Kyle is eating- Kaylee is sleeping- and I have a ton of things to do- so I am going to say bye for now! Oh- you all may want to pray for me today- I am getting that feeling this yard work stuff could turn on me real quick-like!! :)

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