Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaden!

Kaden turned 1 year old yesterday. We celebrated with some cake and cupcakes at Granna's house before church. (His "real" birthday party is this coming Saturday... we had to delay because we had no air conditioning... which we DO HAVE now.... told you the 80 degree weather would go away once I got some a/c at my house!!!!)
Anyway... back to Kaden.... he had a super good day .... he is walking everywhere.... he got opened gifts..... he got some dollars at church when they sang happy birthday to him..... and he was EXHAUSTED when we got home from church last night! He went to sleep in his rocker while watching Cars with Kyle. I can't believe he is 1 already- this has seemed to fly by even faster than the other two.
Here are the pics-

OK- I know this was picture overload- I am sure you now feel like you were there!! lol

I will post more later.... more words that is .... I am sure this was enough pics for this week :)

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Nicole said...

Aww Happy Birthday Kaden!!