Monday, June 20, 2011

Ain't that what its all about......

Here I am again.... I won't say (blah blah blah) about neglecting my blog because obviously busy summers and blogging aren't a good combo. I will do it when I can- spare time these days is almost unheard of...

Revival was great! We had 4 new souls delivered by God's grace. (One made it Wednesday before revival so he counts too :) We enjoyed being with Bro Jimmy and Sis Tawana and Bro Edwin and Sis Dean. They are some of the most precious people (and SO funny too!) I hope they left us as blessed as we were to have them.

I worked super hard to get my house together and had NO visitors come home with me (uh-hum.... LACEY!) We live in too far away from church..... and it makes me want to move ..... I love having company! We did have the Hill's and the Gaines' over- 6 adults and 11 kids..... so that was some good entertainment :) Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would have 10 kids between us all ! (it was 11 because Heather brought extras... you know... she doesn't have enough of her own so she borrows other children every now and again :)

And Happy belated Fathers day to my husband and my daddy. They really are two of the best dad's I know.
(Funny kid story) Kyle was all sad Saturday night because he didn't think we had a gift for JD to open for Father's Day. Well, JD knew I had bought him some cologne and I told him I was going to wrap it and let it be from the kids- so he told Kyle "Go ask Mom if she has me a present" Here comes Kyle in the room with me and I handed him the already wrapped box and told him what it was. He was so excited, he took it straight to JD and said "She did get you a present" JD asked him" Can you tell me what it is?" and Kyle said "No, but all I can tell you is that it smells real good!" JD busted out laughing! Kyle IS NOT the secret keeper!

Today is catch up day.... catch up blogging, laundry, bills, cleaning.... I wish sleeping but I have slept late 2 days in a row and it is not for me..... and notice blogging is first because it is the easiest on my list!

***I have loads of pics from Kaylee's awards day/field day and from Memorial Day... but I don't have time to wait on them to upload... so I am going to part once again saying that I will back-track and catch up... don't hold your breath on when that is going to happen!

Happy Monday! If any of you have nothing to do today, you can drive ALL the way to my house and I will have something for you to do I promise!

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Lacey MaRanda said...

I promise that the next revival that Bro Jimmy runs at Huntsville I will go to your house whether you want me to or I am praying that he doesn't have another there for 10 years because it takes a day and a half to get Jimmy and Sis Towana are still talking about all the kids especially