Saturday, June 4, 2011

One minute everything is A-OK....

The next it can be totally different! We went to New Market to church last night- just as we had planned to all week. I had gotten everyone ready in fairly fashionable timing- all seemed well. I told JD as we were walking out that I had a pain in my back that wasn't my normal "getting kids in and out of tub and dressed" back pain- this pain was weird. I got to church and felt fine- thought nothing more of it..... until about 12 last night when it came back and sent me crawling on all fours and crying in pain. It was under my right rib cage and cutting off my breath- JD was terrified as was I - I had never hurt like that in my life!! He wanted to call an ambulance but 2 of 3 of my kids were asleep and I knew it would scare them half to death and I just didn't want to deal with that. I couldn't get relief enough to even ride in the car to the hospital. So JD finally convinced me that my options were running out and he was calling people to pray for me. The first few that got here decided to go ahead and pray while we waited on the others to get her because I was for real in need of some immediate help. They must have been on the top- because by the time everyone else arrived- I was better! The pain just left! I can still feel a little twinge there- but that horrible pain I was having left and I know the Lord did it!!! I am thankful first and formost that I have Him to call on and secondly- for my church family whom are always there in my time of need! They didn't mind dragging their poor kids up and coming to my rescue at 1am in the morning.... even though I was better by the time half of them got here!

So Praise the Lord again... Looking out for me at all hours! How He has time for all of yall when He has to deal with me I will never know :)


Stephanie T said...

Girl!! So are we thinking kidney stone or gallbladder???? Unfortunately I've been there and done both :( Call me if you need company for your misery!

Nicole said...

LOL Steph. I was so thinking gallbladder.
So glad you are better Drea!!!