Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweeet Summer....

OK.... this is getting a bit rediculous! I know I stay on the go and all that.... but not having a minute in TWO weeks to tell you about it- well- that is for the birds! (though I did attempt a post last week and blogger was being super-stupid and wouldn't let me get to my dashboard and by the time I got logged in I had used up all my spare time and was no longer in the blogging mood :) Anywho..... Alot has happened since the last post.... So I will time-line you in pictures....

Praise the Jesus I got my new carpet and vinyl put in! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! One on One Flooring is the best if you need any type of flooring- call them and they will take care of you!! (Hazel Green, AL - google them :) I have waited 5 long years for my floors to be all pretty and now they are (minus the fact that they need some attention now- but I am blogging.... priorites people!)
***Kaden was sitting on Kaylee's lounge chair from her doll house while I ironed clothes- but you can see my new bathroom floor too****

Kyle graduated Kindergarten (If I were normal I would have cried... but I am not and I didn't though it was sad!) They sang cute songs and he couldn't hardly pay attention for waving to all of us on the bleachers. I will admit- his ADD comes from me- we have a hard time staying focused on one subject or task- we are just all over the place!

JD turned 31. I bought him a new TV for our bedroom to replace the 1 ton monster-vision we had in there. He was in a old-person mood all day- he has yet to realize that birthdays are NOT the same now as when we were 11! We had a birthday/graduation celebration at Chad and Em's.

Yes- All 3- same day! I was more than exhausted after that!

We did the 13243214 graduation things that weekend. NOTE:  I went to all of them- this shall be remembered in  10 years when my kids start graduating ;)

I went to Rocky Branch twice- two days in a row (and then went for the third time this past Saturday for the fun-so-hot-you-want-to-die-out door singing) Oh yes- yall owe me a visit to Huntsville- and you all will need to testify and everything (you know who I am talking to :) And don't be chickens and send your husbands alone..... I know where you live!

We had another storm blow over our house last Wednesday night (actually the wee hours of Thursday morning) and it threw our trampoline into the tree and our carport and it broke the swingset into two pieces (yep- the swingset that I put blood sweat and tears into last July... 10 short months ago...though it is petty to what damage others recieved- it was still very upsetting to this momma!) What a way to start off summer- with both of the main sources of outdoor entertainment for my kids blown away...... not cool...... not cool at all!!

There are a few more things in between then and now but I will get to those next time. I have to get things rolling here because I have 2 of 3 little ones begging and pleading to go to the pool.... and since the heat index is 100.....I think I will give and go (whew- that was a hard choice... stay here or go swimming... such a toss up ;)

Stay cool..... and pray for our revivial that is starting 2nd weekend (yikes!) Happy Wednesday!


Lacey MaRanda said...

sorry about the outdoor entertainment....Unfortunately you will have to see all of us during revival because my crazy preacher thinks it is cool to take a revival that we have to drive forever to get to...j/k...see ya soon

Cassie said...

Aren't yall so excited you will get to see me that week also! I know you are jumping up and down as we speak!

Amber said...

Sorry about the trampoline and swingset! I know we look redneck, but everytime the weather gets bad, we tie ours down to the truck! Works!

Awesome floors! And happy B-day to JD!

The Brewer FireFighters said...

sorry about the trampoline and swing set. Jasmyn's trampoline got destroyed before the tornados threw into our house and across the street!! now we have a swing set!! lol hope it stays! We are getting new floors!!! lol this very week BY ONE ON ONE flooring!! they are awesome!!!

The ETK Blog said...

Did you put Kyle in a KKK school? That's a little disturbing.

Drea said...

K for kindergarten! Your a mess Kendall!