Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making preparations.....

Here I go again! I have had all year to get things ready for revival and what have I been doing.... tearing the house apart more than putting it together! I have trim, boards, blocks and misc. tools all outside on my carport- I am still missing some quarter trim in my bathroom- my painting just isn't going to happen before next week (though I did complete my to-do task of painting my front porch railings yesterday- finally- bye bye country blue hand rails!!! ) My mom is coming to help me out today. She is bringing me a pressure washer and watching the kids while I attempt to get this house looking good! I am saving the inside of the house for the end of the week- 3 kids+too hot to play outside= sticky floors and lots of messes. It is Tuesday and I feel like it is Friday and I am out of time!

I love revival. It is a great time to get together (though I know they say it isn't for visiting- I cannot help myself!) I am hoping that great things happen. I know so many that are in need of what is being offered from the Lord- maybe they will take Him up on it!

And to answer Steph and Nicole :) I am torn on what was wrong with me- Norma declares gallstones- my neighbor says kidney- whichever it was I hope I never have to find out because that was a little too intense of pain for me!! I am well now and that is how I intend on keeping it! (This is not making me look forward to my thirties what-so-ever!)

So- that is my boredom coffee time for the day. My kids have actually slept til 9-ish instead of 7-ish so I get some me-time before the madness begins (well.... except for JD saying "Wheres my socks? Have you fixed my coffee? What do you have I can take with me because I am in a major hurry???" He must not can read the "Leave me alone and be quiet or I will hurt you" sign on my shirt.... :)

Happy Tuesday! This ones for you Marty :)

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Marty said...

Just a word.....paybacks. (You obviously have not seen the pics I have of you on my camnera....remember the 4 or 5 right in row? Good stuff! Look for them on the blog soon!) :)