Friday, June 24, 2011

OK...back track post #1....

Hmmm.... I think it is pitiful that I am this far out of whack..... but oh welll.....

Kaylee successfully passed 2nd grade! She made All "A" honor roll all year! She is a smarty pants (in more ways than one ;) I love that I can send her to school without a worry that she will act and perform to the best of her ability. (ummmm... Kyle on the other hand......) Her teacher told Stacie earlier this year that Kaylee was the perfect student... except that she is so SLOW! Stacie's reply "Have you ever met her daddy?"

We are very proud of our now 3rd grader (gasp..3rd grade....where's the warning sign that kids grow up like a flash of lightening... BOOM... your little 5 pound baby is in 3rd grade and it is almost instantly!)

I helped with Field Day activities also... we were given 2 beach balls and a cd player and told to be creative...lucky for me there were other moms there that were creative.... I just stood there and blocked kids from walking through a fire ant bed!

Kaylee's bff Katie Jo

Kyle was showing off his break-dancing moves! He is a MESS!

And Kaden is still Kaden.... more attached to his pacifier than ever (he is the huge kid with paci in his mouth and dragging a blanket... I am SURE I said my kids wouldn't do this.... I have ate those words on more than one occasion!) He has no interest in potty training (nor do I...) He has decided he loves his daddy (almost) as much as me. He is also Mr. Meany lately.... terrible twos are definitely working on him!

Next post.... Memorial Day..... hopefully before the 4th of July ;)



Amber said...

Like I told you last night, I told Lee our kids would NOT be those toddlers talking with a pacifier in their mouth....they didn't, they took them OUT of their mouth to talk! LOL..

Jameson & Joey's Mom said...

This is so depressing to me! LOL! I seen her Saturday and had to do a double take like oh my goodness I can't believe she's that big!!!